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The Second Mrs Tanqueray

Performance Dates: 15th September – 22nd September 2017

Directed By: Mel O’ Flynn

In his best known social drama, first premiered in 1893, Arthur Wing Pinero attacks the hypocrisy and myth surrounding women in second marriages. Despite the warnings of his friends, the widowed Mr Tanqueray chooses to marry a lower class woman with a scandalous history. The new Mrs Tanqueray must struggle to win over her new stepdaughter as she attempts to find balance in her mismatched marriage. As the play progresses we see the misery of the incompatible couple and their shared efforts to foster a bond between the young, but impeccably proper, Miss Eillean Tanqueray and her young unhappy stepmother. This is compromised when Mrs Tanqueray learns the identity of her stepdaughter’s fiancĂ©; he is the man who ruined her, years ago. She reveals her knowledge to her husband, who prevents the marriage and alienates his daughter.

The Second Mrs. Tanqueray expertly utilizes the melodramatic convention of the Woman with a Past to examine the social and gender politics of late Victorian England.

Little Gem

Performance Dates: 17th November – 24th November 2017

Directed By: Ollie Hegarty

Little Gem is the story of three generations of women through an extraordinary year in their lives. The play follows Amber, Lorraine and Kay through some of the most traumatic and profound experiences of their lives and presents an honest and hilarious view of life in Dublin, Ireland.